Picplum gets a major update

Picplum gets a major update

Picplum has announced the launch of a major update on their photo print platform.

The service has been totally revamped based on user feedback.

Picplum basically makes it extremely easy for you to send prints of your photos to anyone around the world.

The process is rather simple… You upload photos that you want to send… Select recipients… Select size options… Pay and it’s done. Pricing Details Here

Picplum deliver photo prints internationally so it works for everyone.

New features:

Making it simple for new users to send their first prints
Multiple print sizes (like 8” x 10” prints!), so you can showcase your best moments
Easily adding Facebook friends as recipients
Making it easier for users by asking recipients for their mailing addresses
Adding personalized greetings
Easier ways to share photos after a batch has been sent

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