Picasa 3.9 comes with Google Plus integration!

If you still had doubts that Google Plus was going to be another failure and Google would eventually discard it… You cannot be more wrong.

Google continues to deeply integrate all their services with Google Plus. We have already seen deep integration with Google Reader. Google Contacts and Gmail are also getting connectivity with Google Plus. And now we have a brand new edition of Picasa that features integrated Google Plus support!

Picasa 3.9 has been launched and here are the new features:

You can now share photos directly from inside Picasa desktop app to your circles on Google Plus. You can also share with regular email addresses. These users get special access to the shared photos and they are not required to connect to Google Plus.

Picasa 3.9 comes with Google Plus integration!

Your name tags stored in Picasa are now visible in Google Plus. If you have not joined Google Plus at all, you would still get the older tagging functionality.

Picasa gets some new photo filter effects. And you can now modify your photos in a side by side layout making it easy to compare the original with the changed version.

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