Personal Computers sales on a high in India

Personal Computers sales on a high in India

India might not be the hottest market for the PC manufacturers but it still is doing very well indeed. 2005 was a great year as the market reported sales of around 4.3 million personal computers. The consumer model demand was up last year as it outpaced the demand for corporate machines.

The most interesting aspect was the growth in the notebook market which saw sales boosting by almost 148 per cent. The market saw sales of close to 4,74,000 units of laptops last year. The shocking aspect of the reported statistics was that the so-called cheap computers hardly enticed the consumers as sub 10k PCs just notched market share of around 2% of all sales.

One of the primary reasons behind the low sales of these products is the fact that most of the so-called Rs. 10,000 PC ended up costing nearer Rs. 13,000 after taxes and freight and handling. This was mostly due to the `small print’ conditions in all those `Rs. 9,999′ offers. This resulted in a not so happy consumer and less demand for cheaper computers.

The domestic PC manufacturer HCL was the most popular brand in both consumer and desktop computers market and was followed by global giants Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo. HP however dominated the market for laptops as Lenovo and Acer followed the market leader in this segment.

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