PalmSource collaborates with MontaVista Software

PalmSource collaborates with MontaVista Software

PalmSource has gone ahead with its plans to move to Linux for the platform of their Operating System for mobile and small screen devices. For this, they have now collaborated with key mobile Linux OS provider MontaVista Software. Both the companies would now be working on development of Linux-based OSs and applications for Linux-based mobile phones.

With this deal, PalmSource will join MontaVista’s Open Framework partner program and MontaVista would be joining PalmSource’s Palm Powered Mobile World (PPMW) program. The earlier program is designed to promote Linux-based handset reference architectures while the latter was created to promote Palm OS applications to the market.

However, the deal would not exactly mean the end of the PalmSource’s plans to use technology acquired in its December acquisition of China MobileSoft. PalmSource is still committed to use their expertise and technology to develop better battery management and fast boot time as the foundation of Palm OS for Linux. The aim with this latest collaboration is to use the Linux kernel as an entry point for PalmSource into the lucrative cell phone market with a low-cost flexible OS.

Didier Diaz, vice president of marketing at PalmSource said in a statement: “Linux is a built-in safeguard against higher fees. Open source prevents the price from getting too high by limiting the power of any given player.”

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