Outsourcing decision should be strategic, not tactical

Despite a lot of noise over job losses, the global corporations continue to outsource their business processes to save costs and remain competitive in the global market. India being the most favourite outsourcing destination, is also attracting many global service providers, that are setting up their service base here.

Xchanging a UK based $360 million outsourcing service provider is also one of them. The company recently announced ramp up plans for its India operations. However, Xchanging claims to be different from other business process outsourcing (BPO) firms. Xchanging boasts of its business function management (BFM) model and claims that the company prefers to execute its projects in collaboration with its clients on a revenue sharing basis.

When spoke to Xchanging founder and chief executive David Andrews a former Accenture executive, who founded Accenture’s outsourcing business in Europe to catch up with the latest outsourcing trends.

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