Microsoft confirms “Origami” device

Microsoft confirms “Origami” device

We have heard about it and even seen a probably video of a portable device under development by the software giant Microsoft. The company has however now confirmed that the rumors are true and they are indeed developing a new portable media device that allows users to listen to music, play video games, browse the Internet, and jot hand-written notes.

Microsoft said that they are working on such a portable device along with several of their partners. They even confirmed that the video available on the net was somewhat genuine though it was around a year old of an old prototype. A Microsoft spokesman said in a statement on that video: “While Origami is a concept we’ve been working on with partners, please know that the video seen on Digital Kitchen’s Web site is a year old and represents our initial exploration into this form factor, including possible uses and scenarios.”

Market experts believe that such a device is expected to provide competition to a range of devices like the Apple iPod and the Sony Playstation Portable. However, the video showcased a device, which was more like a Tablet PC and was much bigger in size to be considered a portable music player or a handheld gaming device.

Microsoft has declined to reveal more on this project but is expected to come out with some more details in the coming weeks.

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