Opera releases a build with WebM support!

Opera releases a build with WebM support!

Opera Software has already released a build of their web browser that supports the just launched Google WebM.

Håkon Wium Lie blogged about the new developments in video on the web field. He said:

In February 2007, 1177 days ago to be exact, Opera proposed the < video > element and we published a manifesto for video on the Web. When proposing < video >, we knew there would be two challenges. The first was easy: to get consensus around the syntax. We wanted < video > to be as easy to use as < img >. The second was harder: to find an open and freely-usable high quality video format.

The web has always been open and freely-usable; Tim didn’t patent HTML, I didn’t patent CSS and Brendan didn’t patent JavaScript.

The big news today is that WebM will join the list of open and freely usable Web formats, and video will finally become a first-class citizen of the Web. This is a big deal, and the day will be remembered in the history of the Web.

Checkout: Welcome, WebM < video >!

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