Opera Turbo allow web users to bypass web restrictions

Opera Turbo allow web users to bypass web restrictions

Recent editions of Opera web browser comes loaded with a new feature named Opera Turbo.

When the user turn on the Opera Turbo option, the web pages are not fetched directly by the web browser.

Instead they are processed remotely on servers operated by Opera and delivered to the user in a compressed form.

The idea was to save on bandwidth costings for the end user (in addition to faster speeds) but this also gives an additional advantage to some users.

Since the pages are delivered by Opera servers, web users manage to access web content that is blocked by their internet service providers.

Kazakhstan is one market where Opera Browser has become intensely popular because of this ‘unintended’ feature.

Kazakhstan government has a tight control on web access in the country as they tend to block access to services which are critical towards the government. Opera enable the web users in the country to access services and websites that are blocked otherwise.


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