Opera Mini 2.0 is out

Opera Mini 2.0 is out

Opera Browser ASA has released the second version of their popular web browser application for low-end mobile phones, Opera Mini.

Opera Mini 2.0 browser has been developed to make it easier for mobile users to surf the internet using older generation mobile phones.

This update makes it easier for them to buy ringtones and other mobile content online. Opera Mini 2.0 now also support downloads of files from the internet. This means that users can now store music and images on their mobile handsets after downloading them using the Opera Mini 2.0 application.

This latest update also enable the user to chose his choice of search engine from the search box. They were supporting Google as the default search engine till now. Users can now also assign two-key codes for websites as an alternate for bookmarking the links.

Checkout: Opera Mini 2.0

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