Opera Browser now officially supports Hindi and Punjabi

Opera Browser now officially supports Hindi and Punjabi

Indian web users are in for this excellent news. They now have the awesome web browser Opera available in their own language and that too with official support from the company. Opera claims that their Opera browser for Hindi and Punjabi are the only one of their kind available around with company support.

The company has made these versions available from their website and they are free to download. Opera recently removed the ads from the interface of their application to compete more aggressively against Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software said in a statement: “The Web must become more accessible to people wherever they live and whatever language they speak.”

He added: “Browser companies bear responsibility for allowing all people to access this amazing resource. Barriers such as language make the Internet less of a global resource than it could be. Opera is taking this step towards removing those barriers.” In another interview with a media group, Jon also said that they are taking the Indian market seriously and might even consider opening an office here.

With around 800 million people in the world speaking either of the two languages, it becomes an important prospective user base for the company. Another important factor about Opera Browser is that it is available as a very small download size and is considered to be one of the fastest application for web surfing. With broadband still a luxury in the region, it becomes easier for the regular user to browse safely and conveniently using Opera.

Download: Opera Web Browser

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