Opera fixes Secunia reported bugs

Opera fixes Secunia reported bugs

Secunia recently reported some moderately critical bugs in most of the popular browsers. Opera Software ASA, currently preview-testing version 7.60 has released an interim release of 7.54 to fix many of the reported bugs.

The release is called Opera 7.54u1 is available for download from the FTP servers. The fixed bugs are per the Opera’s response to the advisory are:

  • Tightened origin check for frames. A side effect of this is that documents not passing the origin check will open in a new page.
  • Fixed issue reported by Marc Schönefeld: intrusive JavaScript or Java applet could exploit Sun Java vulnerability to retrieve logged-in user’s username and install directory.
  • Fixed LiveConnect class access security issue reported by Jouko Pynnonen.
  • Fixed Secunia issue SA12981, reported by Andreas Sandblad: periods in the file name and non-breaking spaces in content-type header type could obscure the file type.
  • Fixed Secunia issue SA13253: "hi-jacking" a named browser window.
  • Improved support for the "must-revalidate" cache directive.

More information is accessible on Opera’s website. Download the latest update here. And the latest preview release is available here.

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