Opera Dragonfly goes open source

Opera Dragonfly goes open source

Opera Software has announced that they have now released their Dragonfly project under open source.

It is now hosted on BitBucket.

Opera spoke in a blog post about open sourcing Dragonfly:

Since the inception of Opera Dragonfly, we planned for it to become an open source project. It has always been released under an open source BSD license, but the source repositories were on Opera servers. Starting today, Opera Dragonfly is a fully open source project, hosted on BitBucket.

If you have a Mercurial client you can visit the Opera Dragonfly STP-1 repository and check out the source code. We have provided initial documentation in the Wiki to get you started. This is Opera’s first full open source project, so there will be a learning curve. We ask you to bear with us while we get everything up and running and policies in place. Coming from a closed source background there are some hurdles to overcome, such as the current bug tracking system being on a closed server. We hope to migrate to an open bug tracking system as the project gets on its feet.

Checkout: Opera Dragonfly on BitBucket

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