Opera Browser 12 now in beta!

Opera Browser 12 now in beta!

Opera 12 alpha builds have been superfast in my own experience. And the arrival of beta is good news.

I think that this is going to be the best Opera release in a very long time. It is fast as crazy.

I personally would not be able to switch to it from my old installation because of what I use it for but I recommend anyone reading this post to give Opera 12 beta a try.

Opera has done the impossible. Web pages load so fast on this build that it seems to have outdone the competition from both Firefox and Chrome.


Quick startup with a smarter tab-loading sequence
Faster page loading, even for secure webpages
64-bit support for Windows and Mac
Smooth and stable browsing, thanks to support for out-of-process plug-ins
New themes
Redesigned security badges
Camera and extensions APIs
Right-to-left scripts support
Experimental hardware acceleration WebGL support
New web standards support
Discontinuing Opera Unite, Opera Widgets and Voice

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