Opera 8 Browser launched for Symbian S60 platform

Opera 8 Browser launched for Symbian S60 platform

Opera Software has launched their latest offering in the form of the version 8 of their browser for the popular Symbian S60 platform. The company claims that this version comes with their ten years of cross-platform browser development experience and delivers innovation as well as customization opportunities in one small package. This version for the small screen devices is based on the same engine as the newly released and popular Opera 8 for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

The update comes with better support for JavaScript and DOM making it a perfect technology platform for the development of mobile Web applications. End users are expected to experience amazingly fast web surfing experience with this application. The company’s press release says that this version includes major upgrade in Opera’s unique Small-Screen Rendering technology codenamed ERA.

Opera 8 for S60 also introduces four-way navigation with fast scrolling for efficient browsing on small screens. The user of this browser gets two rendering modes: Quality and Speed. While the quality mode keeps more of the original site color, design, and layout, the speed version tries to render the page as quickly as possible ignoring the unimportant elements of the page.

Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software said in a statement about their latest accomplishment: “Opera has developed its own market foresight by introducing cutting-edge Web technologies for a decade, all the while maintaining our drive to deliver a superior Web browsing experience across different platforms and media channels. Fully compliant with Web standards and Opera’s customer requirements, Opera 8 strengthens the company’s position as the leading browser vendor on the S60 platform, and brings the latest in Opera’s full mobile Web experience to millions of users around the world.”

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