Freedom Tower to be called One World Trade Center

Freedom Tower to be called One World Trade Center

The new skyscraper that is coming in place where World Trade Center towers once stood would be called One World Trade Center.

It was previous named Freedom Tower.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey revealed: “We’ve referred to the primary building planned for the site as One World Trade Center — its legal name and street address — for almost two years now, as well as using the name the Freedom Tower. Many will always refer to it as the Freedom Tower, but as the building moves out of the planning stage and into full construction and leasing, we believe that going forward it is most practical to market the building as One World Trade Center.”

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg responded to this new development: “It’s up to the Port Authority. I have no idea what the commercial aspects are, and we can say, ‘Oh, we shouldn’t worry about that,’ but of course you have to, particularly now. I would like to see it stay the Freedom Tower, but it’s their building, and they don’t need me dumping on it. If they could rent the whole thing by changing the name, I guess they’re going to do that, and they probably, from a responsible point of view, should. From a patriotic point of view, is it going to make any difference?”

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