One simple setting change can solve your Google Chrome’s memory consumption problem…

Recent builds of Google Chrome comes with a super useful flag option named Tab Discarding. It basically discard tabs that have not been accessed in a while. The tab still exists in the browser but the content is no longer accessing your system’s resources. The tab is reloaded as soon as you click on it removing the need to continuously closing tabs you are not using but might need in near future.

There is one major problem with this of course… It might cause issues on tabs which have dynamic content or you are working on a draft in it as the refresh might result in data loss. I have personally not experienced this as the tabs that are discarded are quite old and I am usually not working on them actively.

The flag can be accessed by entering this URL in Chrome’s omnibox:


I recently upgraded by RAM from 8GB to 16GB because Chrome had become painful to use on 8GB RAM. But due to some conflicts resulting in BSODs, I had to go back to 8GB RAM configuration on my PC. This flag option has pretty much removed the need to double my system’s RAM. Though I do miss not having access to 16GB RAM in Windows 10.

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