Nuance announces Dragon ID recognition system for smartphones and Tablets

If you are jealous of the voice commands that Samsung is now supporting on their Galaxy S III smartphone, you might be interesting in this tech.

Nuance has announced a new tech named Dragon ID. This tech would enable users to use their voice as a recognition system to wake up devices and similar commands.

The company said:

With Dragon ID, you can “forget” about passwords and simply create a spoken password or passphrase, offering a secure and convenient way to “wake-up” and access the devices and content therein. For instance, just saying “Hello Dragon” can securely turn on your device and instantly launch a personalized home screen with your favorite apps and content – even on shared devices like tablets or PCs.

We believe Samsung is using Nuance engine on their Galaxy S III smartphone. Looks like Nuance now wants to partner with more companies to bring the same functionality to more devices in the market.

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