NTL to use Bittorrent for movies and music video download service

NTL to use Bittorrent for movies and music video download service

Cable based internet service provider NTL has collaborated with BitTorrent Inc. to test start a new service enabling consumers to purchase movies and music videos online. The company would also be using technology provided by CacheLogic Ltd.

This news announcement comes just as the inventor of the BT technology, Bram Cohen claimed that he wanted this p2p technology to be used as a legitimate means of distributing content. The technology has caught the attention of the lawmakers for being the most popular technology to share digital protected content on the internet.

Reports claim that the BitTorrent traffic alone consumes a third of the bandwidth on the internet and most of this is being used to transfer pirated content. Cohen is already talking to various Hollywood studios and Internet service providers to find ways to use the peer-to-peer software to distribute legal, paid downloads.

BitTorrent Inc. Chief Operating Officer Ashwin Navin: “We’re working with rights holders and ISPs because we view ourselves at the centre of a lot of the activity going on here. Each country has a different dynamic around P2P, but I’d say Europe is slightly more progressive than the U.S. There’s been a lot of banter about video over the Internet this year, but for BitTorrent it’s a few years old.”

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