Apple Computers: Now CRT Monitor free!

Apple Computers: Now CRT Monitor free!

Apple Computers continues to show the way to go to the computer manufacturers around the world. The company has just launched their eMac replacement by launching a scaled down iMac for the education market in the country and with this, the company has no CRT monitor based product on sale!

This makes them the first and only major PC makers to sell only flat-panel displays.

Apple eMac was the only remaining product in their lineup still using the CRT monitor. They were also the first major PC manufacturer to bet big on LCD in 2001. All of their products except for the iMac were using LCD monitors at that time.

The new eMac replacement iMac is sold only to qualified education customers. It has been priced at $899 and has just a few downgrades from the regular Apple iMac.

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