Now Norway wants to remove dependency on Microsoft software

Now Norway wants to remove dependency on Microsoft software

World’s largest software company Microsoft is increasingly facing resistance from governments around the world. The latest country to join the bandwagon is Norway as the government there has said that it will increase its use of freely shared, open-source software to reduce its dependency on companies like Microsoft Corp.

The Norway government said in a statement: “It should no longer be necessary to use software from the major, international computer companies to gain access to electronic information in the public sector. Now that dependency will be broken.”

Most of these measures would be taken by the Ministry of Government Administration and Reform. This would also include a panel to set standards for public information. Some other countries have started similar initiatives in the past including Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan and South Korea.

Open source software is attractive in these cases considering a vast numbers of people can study, update, and adapt programs without having to pay licensing fees.

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