Nokia to open stores in USA

Nokia to open stores in USA

World’s largest maker of mobile phones Nokia is now following the example of Apple and other tech companies and is planning to open up branded stores in the USA.

The company would begin by opening a “flagship store” in Chicago on June 21. Another lifestyle store is being planned for New York store in the “Fifth Avenue region”.

Interestingly, they would be selling high-end phones, which are not usually available through mobile service providers in the country.

They would be making available their full North American product lines. These would include full North American product lines.

This would be a new beginning for the mobile phone company, which has till now trailed the local market leaders Motorola. Most mobile companies do not sell phones directly in the US market but Nokia wants to be an exception.

Dealing directly with the customer would give them better feedback and would help them provide an exclusive experience for their customers. Apple has done it marvelously and now Nokia aims to do that.

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