Nokia, Intel, Motorola, TI and Modeo collaborates for Mobile TV

Nokia, Intel, Motorola, TI and Modeo collaborates for Mobile TV

World’s largest mobile phone maker Nokia has collaborated with some big names in the tech world to promote the DVB-H technology standard for mobile TV. Some of the big names to join them in this venture are Intel, Motorola, Texas Instruments, and Modeo. The alliance has been named Mobile DTV Alliance and it would now be working on promoting open standards for TV broadcasts to mobiles.

They would initially be focusing on the lucrative North American market with their efforts. Nokia said in a statement that DVB-H bypasses mobile networks and broadcasts directly to handsets from TV masts. This would put less pressures on the mobile networks enabling multiple users to access digital content on their mobiles at the same time.

This new technology also allows these companies to use interactive services and order “on-demand” programs via mobile networks. The aim is to develop newer ways to earn revenues from the saturated market, which is filled with low cost players leading to dropping profits for the mobile service providers.

The group also said that as many as 10 DVB-H network trials are under way. These include efforts going in countries like Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Britain, and the United States. USA itself is expected to get the required infrastructure to broadcast mobile TV by sometime next year.

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