Newer Intel Itaniums consume less power

Newer Intel Itaniums consume less power

Microprocessor industry giants Intel might be having a gala time with their newly launched Centrino Duo range of processors, but they have a big history of disappointment with the Itanium range of processors. However, they are not giving up hope and recently announced plans to invest more to keep the development work going on new generation Itanium chips.

The latest news in on this front is that the company has revealed that newer Itanium processors are more conservative when it comes to power consumption. The newer “Montecito” member of the Itanium processor family will consume 100 watts. This is in comparison to 130 watts consumed by the current range of processors from the company.

This would impress a lot of server manufacturers as the demand for less power hungry processors is growing with even Google complaining about lack of development on this front. This new development also means that Itanium will have about 2.5 times the performance per watt of the current Itanium 2 9M model.

Intel claims that this improvement comes from their recent shift to a new manufacturing process employing 90-nanometer features. The company has already demonstrated new technologies, which makes it possible to develop chips with 45-nanometer features. However, the company also reportedly sacrificed features and clock speed to quicken the development of this new range of Itanium processors.

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