Netcraft releases Internet Explorer Toolbar for detecting Phishing

Netcraft releases Internet Explorer Toolbar for detecting Phishing

We are all used to so many browser toolbars available on the Internet. All the major search engines have one; most big e-stores also release their own versions… In fact, now web developers are offered free toolbars for their own personal websites by some companies. Even better is the fact that these websites have started offering toolbars for Firefox in addition to Internet Explorer as it is gaining popularity.

The latest toolbar on offer is from Netcraft, a Britain based website monitoring company, which has instead concentrated on a bigger problem present on the web today – Phishing. Their new toolbar help Internet Explorer users to sidestep phishing. They call it Netcraft Toolbar and are making it available for free for anyone who uses Windows 2000 or Windows XP with Internet Explorer.

The toolbar also makes available other information related to the visited website from their personal database like its country location, longevity, and popularity. The toolbar updates the data from the Netcraft server regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest definitions related to the phishing.

The whole purpose of the toolbar is to inform user about the details of a website which helps in gauging how secure and reliable the site is. The company is also reported to be working on the Firefox version as the recent trends have shown increased user base for the open source browser.

I tried installing the toolbar on a test machine. While 2.5 meg download size and 7 meg+ installation size did not impress me, the toolbar refused to work on the browser (gave a runtime error). Looks like I would have to wait for some bug fixes on the toolbar before I can give it a test run.

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