NASA to return to Moon

NASA to return to Moon

American space agency NASA is reportedly planning to launch a mission back to moon. This would be part of their efforts to establish a base on the lunar surface. NASA is apparently working on two models at the Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas.

These two prototypes would lay the foundations for a new type of lunar exploration. The aim is to develop solutions, which would enable NASA Astronauts to stay on the moon’s surface for weeks or even months.

NASA believes that there is much left to be discovered on the surface of the moon. And this mission would help the agency to prepare for the more complicated goal of launching a mission to Mars.

Veteran astronaut and lunar project member Don Pettit said in a statement: “We have barely scratched the surface scientifically and preserved in the lunar regalith, which is a fancy way of saying “moon dirt.”

NASA has further plans to develop a station, which would allow astronauts to “come and go over periods of time”.

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