NASA says Deep Impact is set for the big boom

NASA says Deep Impact is set for the big boom

The Deep Impact is continuing its crusade towards the Tempel 1 Comet in the space. And it is destined to hit the comet at 22:52 PDT, July 3 to nearly syndicate with the independence day of the United States. Mission scientists and engineers told a press conference that the NASA was fully prepared for the major astronomical event.

Rick Grammier, Deep Impact project manager: “The time of comet encounter is near and the major mission milestones are getting closer and closer together. After all the years of design, training, and simulations, we are where we want to be. The flight and science teams are working the mission plan, and we are good to go for encounter.”

Deep Impact is carrying an impactor, about the size of a washing machine, which it will launch at the Tempel 1 to get the process going on. NASA expects the object to create a crater of the size of a football field to get an inner glimpse of the comet. It is also carrying three imaging instruments, two on the flyby and one on the impactor to watch the event live on the earth.

Dave Spencer, Deep Impact mission manager at JPL added: “We’ve completed the final pre-release checkout of the impactor. The impactor probe will have a short, 24 hour life from release to impact, but an incredibly important role.” Deep Impact will use medium and high-resolution imagers and an infrared spectrometer to collect and send to Earth pictures and spectra of the event. NASA has their other space telescopes also ready to capture the collision.

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