Samsung working on Fuel-Cell Powered Mobile Phone technology

Samsung working on Fuel-Cell Powered Mobile Phone technology

South Korean tech giants Samsung is working on developing mobile phones, which would run on fuel cell technology.

Considering the position of the company in the mobile phone market, this has boosted the technology’s chances of making it into global markets.

Samsung is working in collaboration with MTI MicroFuel Cells for developing such solutions. The two companies are developing MTI’s methanol-based Mobion fuel cells for a series of cellular-phone prototypes.

Current generation batteries are based on rechargeable lithium ion or lithium polymer technologies. These have a shorter life and the chemicals used in these are harmful for the environment.

MTI claims its rechargeable fuel cells last longer than traditional batteries and are more eco-friendly. However, fuel cell batteries are traditionally larger in size and these companies would have to find ways to reduce their size to make them fit for usage on mobile phones.

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