MSN TV for Old Users of the Web

MSN TV for Old Users of the Web

Computers can be complicated for old people considering the issues in buying, installing, and keeping the applications up-to-date. With softwares getting more and more complicated to incorporate features for advanced users, there is little hope for people in their 50s and 60s.

Microsoft want to tap this market with their MSN TV2, the next version of their interactive platform initially called WebTV. It is developed on the fact that old people are more comfortable using a TV set instead of a PC.

MSN TV2 was launched last month to spread Microsoft’s technology to enable internet surfing, checking mails, and accessing digital content using a setup box, remote, and a wireless keyboard costing around USD200. They also charge a subscription fee for the internet connectivity.

Microsoft is also planning to introduce this device in the developing economies where the costing of owning a PC is too high for general consumers. Interestingly, AMD is also targeting the same market with their mini device called Personal Internet Communicator.

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