Microsoft updates policies on MSN Spaces

Microsoft updates policies on MSN Spaces

Software giants Microsoft have announced that they are updating their Blog Shutdown policies on their MSN Spaces web service. This step became somewhat mandatory after the company faced huge criticism from around the world for closing down the Blog of a well-known Chinese blogger when pressurized by the Chinese government.

The company now has said that they would try hard to make blogs available in other areas of the world even if they are blocking it in a specific country for a particular reason. And they would make efforts to make it clear on the blocked blogs if they are indeed forced to do so under pressure from law making authorities.

Brad Smith, Microsoft’s top lawyer said in a statement on this issue: “Some of this, I think, we just have to recognize is evolving technology and changing law.” The updated policies state that depending upon the requirement of the law making authority they would decide on the status of the Blog content’s availability around the world.

Microsoft is somewhat talking similar to Google when they said that they want to make sure that their services are available everywhere despite the fact that they have to put on certain limitations on what kind of freedom users have while accessing their services in a particular region. Google said the same when they launched censored version of their services in China.

Smith added on this issue: “We think that Blogging and similar tools are powerful vehicles for economic development and for creativity and free expression. They are tools that do good. We believe that it’s better to make these tools available than not, but that isn’t the end of the discussion, either.”

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