MSN Search and Win: Hit the keyword and win prizes

MSN Search and Win: Hit the keyword and win prizes

Microsoft has money. Tons of it. Apparently, they like to show it off as well! The software giant is trying hard to win users to their search engine, which many experts have claimed to be still inferior to its competition Google and Yahoo!

However, the company still believes that users can be gained by offering freebies as gifts. The latest news in from the company is that they are offering prizes worth $1 million for using the search engine.

Winners would be selected on the basis of searches they make on the MSN Search Engine. The company has picked up 1,200 pre-identified keywords for February. If the lucky user searches for one of these keywords, he might win prizes from the company.

The company confirmed that the prizes include gift certificates from American Express, Nike, outdoor gear store REI, and retailer Target. Other prizes include Canon cameras, Hewlett-Packard digital entertainment centers, as well as Creative digital music players.

Some other plans are to donate money to the charitable organization of winner’s choice. Sound’s nice. But, if I am looking for relevant information, I would still be going to Google to hunt for it. Content is the king after all.

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