MPAA to Release Software for Concerned Parents

MPAA to Release Software for Concerned Parents

Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is planning to release a free software for detecting the music and movies file stored on a computer along with the P2P Software. This would let parents check if there is any illegal activity of downloading pirated content done by their children.

It comes in addition to the civil lawsuits they are already filing seeking damages and injunctive relief on P2P software users. They are also planning to start an anti-piracy publicity campaign in video rental stores throughout America.

They however states that the information generated by the software would be displayed only to the user and will not be transmitted to MPAA itself. The aim is to make parents aware and let them judge what is right for their kids. The software would soon be available on the Association’s Respect Copyrights website.

Now, what this software can do what the windows find command cannot is something out of my knowledge. And if the kids can manage to download stuff from the internet, how tough it will be for them to encrypt the data making it hidden from any utility that plans to expose them! In an age where kids usually are smarter in using computers than parents, this looks like a futile exercise. But MPAA is hopeful.

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