Mozy Stash takes on Dropbox

Mozy has announced the launch of a new service named Mozy Stash. It is now available in public beta.

Mozy Stash takes on Dropbox

Mozy Stash is pretty similar to Dropbox in features and design. It is designed for real time syncing of data from your computers to cloud.

These files are then accessible from any compatible device that is connected to the same account.


Stash keeps files up to date on each of the computers you regularly use. Any file in your Stash stays up to date on every computer you link to your Stash. No more emailing files to yourself. No more USB flash drives.

Even when you’re away from your computer, you still have your Stash. Access it anywhere through Mozy’s app for iOS and Android. You can even access your Stash from a friend’s or colleague’s computer right through the browser.

Stash works together with Mozy online backup to make all your files available to you from anywhere—even those you don’t keep in your Stash. So when you forget to put a file in your Stash, Mozy online backup ensures that you can still access it through the Mozy web site or the Mozy app for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

The question is why would people use Stash over Dropbox? Also, Mozy already has lost the charm with their regular cloud backup services. Prices are high. Backblaze provides comparable services at much lower costs.

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