Mozilla details their success with SOPA protests

Mozilla has given out details about their protests against SOPA and PIPA.

Mozilla had a blacked out homepage for the users of their Firefox web browser.

Mozilla details their success with SOPA protests

Here is what they achieved:

Approximately 30 million people in the US who use the default start page in Firefox received the blacked out page with our call to action

We sent messages out to almost 9 million people via Facebook, Twitter and our Firefox + You newsletter

Our messages were retweeted, shared and liked by over 20,000 people (not counting MC Hammer’s tweet to his 2.4 million followers!)

1.8 million people came to to learn more and take action on the issue
600,000 went on to visit the Strike Against Censorship page, hosted by the EFF

Ultimately, 360,000 emails were sent by Mozillians to members of Congress, contributing a third of all the emails generated by EFF’s campaign site.

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