Mozilla Foundation Web Site updated

New Mozilla website planned to be more accessible

And focuses on the main 3 company products: Mozilla Suite, Firefox and Thunderbird. The new website, code-named Cavendish, was developed by Steven Garrity and his design company, silverorange.

Mozilla people claims this to be their best website ever and think the new accessible layout will make it easy for new users to find the information they need and get the products of their choice, in the end helping Mozilla gain more market share and giving the web what it needs, a good #1 browser that supports standards.

The site still has some bugs (1 bug displaces the menu on Opera Browser, though it wont be a biggie on their list) and they expect to iron out all of them in the coming weeks. Mozilla foundation is gearing with perhaps the most important release in the recent years… Firefox 1.0 is due for a launch in the coming months.

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