Motorola’s AXPT designed to boost mobile coverage in closed areas

Motorola’s AXPT designed to boost mobile coverage in closed areas

World’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer Motorola has announced the launch of a new product called AXPT, which they have designed to solve the problem of patchy 3G coverage within buildings. The company claims that this high-speed mobile access point would provide much better network coverage indoors.

Motorola AXPT has been designed to be installed within a building and addresses a major shortcoming in third-generation mobile networks, which results in poor reception when a user is inside a building. This device has the potential of helping mobile service providers to lure away users from Wi-Fi connectivity.

The best part of AXPT is that it comes with support for the HSDPA standard, which enhances the 3G capabilities of mobile services to provide broadband connectivity. Many mobile firms have shown their interest in providing broadband based on this technology and Motorola is hoping they will be keen to offer their subscribers better services with support from their AXPT device.

Raghu Rau, Motorola’s senior vice-president for global marketing and strategy said in a statement: “The enterprise market offers a significant revenue opportunity for operators looking to grow 3G business and deliver new mobile broadband services with HSDPA. Businesses in particular want convenience, with one device, one bill, one provider for all communication services, one contact point to the provider and the same experience on the move and within buildings.”

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