Motorola SLVR 7 disappoint market experts

Motorola SLVR 7 disappoint market experts

Apple iTunes is the global leader when it comes to offering digital songs for sale. The company last year collaborated with Motorola to launch the Motorola Rokr mobile phone that came preloaded with the Apple iTunes application to play digital music on the mobile phone. However, the lack of capabilities of the mobile phone and boxy looks did not impress the users, as it became one of the most disappointing products in the Motorola’s stable.

The company has now incorporated the same mobile application in their recently launched Motorola SLVR 7 range of mobile phone, which they have launched in the US market in collaboration with Cingular. However, this new product is still proving to be a disappointing as the market experts have said that the phone lacks some crucial features.

This new phone comes with 512 megabytes of memory on a MicroSD card that holds up to seven hours of music, or about 100 songs. In addition, it also comes loaded with a VGA camera equipped with video capture and playback features. However, even if a user is able to load more than 100 songs on the phone, the application would only let him play just 100 songs max on the mobile phone.

One of the potential reasons why Apple has forced this limit in their mobile iTunes application is the fact that they do not want to jeopardize the sales of the regular iPod devices which brings in the moolah for the company. This means that Motorola suffers in the process as they recently announced plans to switch to iRadio in the future rather than continuing their dependence on Apple.

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