Motorola to launch Moto Razr V3i with iTunes support

Motorola to launch Moto Razr V3i with iTunes support

We at TechWhack just purchased the newly released in India, black colored Motorola Razr phone to be very disappointed by the lack of its expandability. Now, we hear that the company has decided to launch new members in the range of Razr phones and some of these would come powered by the Apple iTunes application, which was first introduced in the Rokr range of mobile phone.

Apple launched their iPod nano in the same ceremony as that of Motorola Rokr. This further resulted in disappointment for the crowd as the phone supported just 100 songs at a time and had no expandability when it comes to saving and playing digital audio content. In addition, critics blasted the phone for not being stylish enough.

Now, Motorola would be aiming at making up for that disappointing launch of the Motorola Rokr and release Razr V3i. This version would come preloaded with the iTunes application and is expected to be launched in the retail market in the coming months. Motorola has not released any official date of its launch in the American market.

In addition, there are also rumors floating in the market about Motorola planning to integrate iTunes on their upcoming Slvr model, an ultra-thin phone in the vein of the Razr. The company has of course declined to comment on these rumors.

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