mobile reddit is better than ever before!

mobile reddit is better than ever before!

Reddit has announced that they have updated their mobile site.

The developers said in a blog post that the previous version was designed for traditional mobile devices.

They have made updates to improve support for touchscreen devices.

Users would be given an option to access the improved version or the older one that still works well on basic browsers.

Here are some of the features of the new version:

Unlike the iPhone app or old mobile, it’s designed to work on anything that has a touch screen (android, iPad, that thing you put together in your basement).
On listing pages, we’ve added infinite scrolling to save on page refreshes.
On comment pages, we’ve cut the thread depth to five for now. The small screen makes longer threads hard to follow.
The button bar on each post has been moved into a pop-over toolbar to save screen real estate
The arrows are 50% larger, meaning that properly clicking them will no longer rely on instantaneous Brownian motion of you and your device

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