Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change launches ‘Forests are Life, Forests are Energy’ campaign

Campaign launched on, March 21st highlights International Day of Forests 2017 theme “Forests and Energy”

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change launched a new campaign “Forests are Life, Forests are Energy” to celebrate the International Day of Forests in Asola Bhatti Sanctuary in New Delhi. The campaign features beautiful designs that have been conceptualized and created by Vertiver Creative Agency, in partnership with forestry conservation firm IORA Ecological Solutions. The designs highlights the vital energy in inherent in India’s forests in addition to their various cultural, ecological and livelihood benefits.

Through intricate hand-drawn and digital illustrations, each illustration depicts the harmony that exists between humans and wildlife in India’s ecosystems. In three different images, faces of a tiger, a rhino and an elephant are seen gently communicating with a human face, both emerging out of the forest, symbolizing powerfully the inter-dependence between biodiversity and people. Also shown are the cultural aspects of forest life where societies flourish in harmony with nature. Also included is a reference to the link between forests and healthy water cycles through the water illustration in the foreground teeming with marine life. IORA and Vertiver’s expertise in conserving and enhancing forest ecosystems has informed the unique visual content of these graphics. The artistic style of these designs pays homage to India’s traditional folk art styles that have thrived over centuries in close communion with forest ecosystems.

Mr. Ajay Narayan Jha, Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change said “Van hi Jeevan, Van is Urja is our theme for this year’s International Day of Forests. The theme clearly shows the relationship between man and forest. This campaign spreads that message through beautiful graphics and we hope that it inspires people specially our children to engage in forest conservation.”

Chhaya Bhanti, Vertiver’s founder said “We are excited about having created this awareness campaign which took our team months of rigorous illustration and design effort. Thanks to MoEFCC’s commitment to creating awareness of forests in India, we were able to create designs that reflect beautifully the intricate relationships that exist in India’s forests.”

Swapan Mehra, CEO, IORA Ecological Solutions stated “We have been working extensively on forest conservation and climate action in India for eight years. Bringing a visual campaign to life about forest conservation completes the cycle of our work by communicating this key message to a wide set of stakeholders, all of whom are directly or indirectly impacted by forests.”

The campaign is being showcased in outdoor sites in Delhi, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim and Uttrakhand, in regional languages to reach an India-wide audience.

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