Microsoft wins a moral battle against Google

Microsoft wins a moral battle against Google. The war has just begun…

It was perhaps the first time that Google and Microsoft faced each other in courts and the first battle went into the favor of the veterans in the field of computers. The company sued each other over one of the former employees of Microsoft Kai-Fu Lee. He recently resigned from Microsoft taking an offer from Google to join their newly established Chinese division.

The court ruling said that the employee could not immediately join Google especially in the fields he was expected to work by his new employers. Judge said that Microsoft has a well-grounded fear that leaked trade secrets in such a process could hurt its business. Superior Court Judge Steven Gonzalez also granted a temporary restraining order, which bans Lee from joining Google in the near future.

He is not allowed to work for Google on any product or services, which are similar to the areas he was working at Microsoft. This includes the Internet division working on developing search engine technologies for the web and the desktop. Google is primarily a search engine company and this restraining order would certainly limit their capabilities to extract the best out of the bright individual.

Microsoft has been instructed by the court to deliver Google a list of areas and tasks where Google can engage Lee on. The company has promised to deliver their suggestions by Monday. Google on their part has claimed that Lee’s role at Google is totally different from his role in Microsoft. However, courts believe otherwise.

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