Microsoft upgrades MSN Spaces

Microsoft upgrades MSN Spaces

Software giants Microsoft’s MSN division has made massive updates to their MSN Spaces web based service. These changes were well reported in the media and the company implemented them earlier this week. The updated MSN Spaces reflects the recent deals between Microsoft and various new partners like Amazon and Kanoodle.

The new MSN Spaces features addition of ad and book sales revenue-sharing features through partnerships with and Web ad specialist Kanoodle. The latter is only available in limited markets like the US and the Canada. The good thing is that the bloggers on MSN Spaces can now also earn cash by plugging into the Amazon Associates affiliates program.

This might be the new way Microsoft might lure in users of other Blogging services like Google’s Blogger, which allow users to add in advertisements from third party services in addition to their own AdSense services. Microsoft itself has talked about possible revenue sharing programs with the users of their services.

Some other new features of MSN Spaces are the addition of contact information, plus integration of the blogs with portions of Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online gaming feature. However, we at TechWhack still believes that Blogger continue to rule with its provided freedom to modify the template to one’s liking and easy of usability. However, other initiatives like are becoming hugely popular as well in the recent times.

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