Microsoft update on Javaprxy.dll flaw in Internet Explorer

Microsoft update on Javaprxy.dll flaw in Internet Explorer

Microsoft has released an application which would somewhat lessen the possibilities of infection of a windows OS powered system due to a recently announced flaw in Internet Explorer. The flaw is related to the way Internet Explorer handles ActiveX components. It can result in the crashing of the browser and can be used by authors of malicious programs to run unauthorized software on the user’s machine.

The application released by the company disables a file called Javaprxy.dll in the system registry, which is essential for making use of this flaw on a vulnerable system. The operating system uses that file while running the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine. The company is still undecided on whether a patch is required to fix this application or the workaround would suffice.

A spokesperson for Microsoft’s public relations agency said in a statement about this update: “The workaround that they’ve offered here doesn’t fix the underlying vulnerability, but it removes the functionality.” The bigger issue is that the popular security firm Secunia has rated this flaw extremely critical. And the original discoverers of this flaw still consider it to be dangerous in the longer run.

You can check the latest Microsoft security advisory on this exploit on the Microsoft website.

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