Microsoft continues to rally behind Toshiba’s HD DVD format

Microsoft continues to rally behind Toshiba’s HD DVD format

Despite the fact that most movie studios and other giants have shown their support for the Sony’s Blu-Ray format, Microsoft continues to support the Toshiba’s HD DVD format. Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer has reportedly said that they continue to support Toshiba in their development of the HD DVD standard.

Microsoft is also planning to support this format in their upcoming next version of the Windows Operating system, MS Windows Vista. Vista is due to be launched sometime next year and native support for HD DVD would do a lot of good for the reputation of Toshiba’s HD DVD format.

Ballmer has however said that the initial versions of Vista might not support the HD DVD format completely but they are aiming fully support the standard in the longer run. Ballmer said while talking to reporters: ‘We have chosen to support HD DVD for a number of reasons, including the way and the effectiveness with which we can see it integrating with the PC.’

He added: ‘We think it has some real advantages and that’s why we have been working very actively with Toshiba and other members of the DVD forum in order to promote this concept.’ He also said that most movie studios are going to support both the standards themselves.

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