Microsoft to launch a crippled operating system to tackle piracy

In the name of bringing social and economic benefits of personal computing to consumers in developing technology markets, Microsoft is planning to test launch a crippled version of its prime operating system Windows XP to 5 countries in the coming months. Three of these countries are Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand and India is one of the possible candidates from the 2 under review countries. Now, the pricing has not yet been made public but it is pretty clear it will be the most affordable Operating System from Microsoft’s stable to the day.

Now, the details which make the operating system otherwise very much like Windows XP crippled are:

Simplified task management: With Windows XP Starter Edition, first-time home PC users can have up to three programs and three windows per program running concurrently. Further simplification of the operating system includes the display resolution set to 800×600 maximum and no support for PC-to-PC home networking, sharing printers across a network or more advanced features such as the ability to establish multiple user accounts on a single PC.

3 programs at 1 time. Is this some sort of a paid shareware software that limits the capacities of your system? Why not simply move on to Linux! If you have to begin using computers with no previous experience using them… The user should start with a Linux System :p Sounds crazy but will make up for a better computing world .

Though these are definitely the good parts:

Internet connectivity, so users can access the Internet and browse the WebSoftware and hardware compatibility, with a wide range of software applications and hardware devices such as printers, speakers and cameras
The intuitive Windows user interface that makes it easy for users to get up to speed quickly
Advanced security technologies delivered in Windows XP Service Pack 2 that will allow users to stay up to date and be more secure
Windows Messenger, which enables users to easily communicate with friends and family through real-time text messaging
Digital photography support with easy-to-use tools to help users store and share photos with family and friends, or make their own prints with one of the many printers supported by Windows XP
Windows Media® Player 9 Series, which allows users to listen to music and watch videos

How successful this initiative becomes, we will know by the end of the year.

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