Microsoft to invest big in China over the next couple of years

Microsoft to invest big in China over the next couple of years

Software giant Microsoft realizes the importance of Chinese market in the online services segment and has announced their plans to invest big in this Asian country. Recent surveys have claimed that China has as many as 111 million net users and the number is growing rapidly. This makes it the second largest online market to cater after the North American market, which is already crowded with online services catering to local audiences.

Microsoft has stated that they would be investing in about 100 million dollars annually over the next three to five years in China. They face serious competition from both local players and domestic rivals Google and Yahoo! Google has local internet giants like,, and And both Yahoo! and Google are expanding their services in this country.

Microsoft would be expanding their services in the field of Internet, research and development in mobile communications, and digital entertainment. Zhang Yaqin, a Microsoft vice president said in a statement to a local media group: “The Internet is the focus of the total investment as we can’t neglect the booming Internet population in China.”

They have further plans to employ as many as 3,000 people in the Microsoft China RD Group Center by the end of 2008.

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