Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 released

Microsoft has released the version four of their Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio.

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 released

The company said in the announcement:

Today, we’re delighted to announce the general availability of Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 (RDS 4) which can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Robotics website. It was just over five months ago that we announced the availability of RDS 4 Beta and since then, the Microsoft Robotics team has been hard at work putting the final touches on RDS 4 to give developers access to the software they need to build robotics applications.

Since the Beta, our number one focus has been on improving the overall quality and stability of RDS 4. With your feedback, we’ve fixed a number of important issues in the product as well as made improvements to existing samples. Additionally, we updated RDS 4 to work with the release version of the Kinect for Windows SDK.

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