Microsoft powered mobile coming on Cingular network

Microsoft powered mobile coming on Cingular network

US based mobile service providers Cingular would soon be offering mobile products loaded with mobile applications developed by software giants Microsoft. Cingular are the market leaders in this segment in the North America and they have confirmed that they would soon begin selling mobile phones powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 software.

The first phone of this new series would be the Cingular-branded 2125 Smartphone. It has been developed by High Tech Computer Corp. and Cingular would be making it available at a retail price of $199 from today. The company is targeting both the consumer and corporate segment with this new product.

It would also be the first such phone made available in the United States powered by Microsoft technology, which would feature cellphone dial pad instead of a tiny computer-style keyboard. Palm and UTStarcom are other companies offering Windows Mobile technology powered mobile products but they come with small computer-like keyboards and are basically targeted at the corporate users.

Microsoft is also due to soon release an update for this platform, which would bring the email functionality of the device close to the market leaders Research in Motion’s Blackberry device. That should further heat up the market.

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