Microsoft on image building mission

Microsoft on image building mission

World’s largest software company Microsoft has announced plans to spend big money annually on improving its image around the world. The company has said that they would spend $120 million a year on an advertising campaign to fight its image as “a huge American company”.

Microsoft is already entangled in so many lawsuits that their image has been tarnished pretty badly in some of the biggest markets around for the software company. They would be using all the major mediums available to the customers like the television, print and the Internet.

They would also be highlighting Microsoft’s education and economic development projects in 32 countries. Microsoft’s advertising manager Mike Lucero said in a statement on this new initiative: “We are often perceived as a huge American company. We wanted to be very specific about what we are doing in each country in education, innovation, economic opportunity, and security.”

The ads have already begun telecasting in some regions in their domestic market of USA and would be expanded to cover more regions in the coming weeks. They are also planning to target the audiences at the upcoming Olympic Winter Games, the Academy Awards. In addition, they would also be sponsoring episodes of popular TV shows like “24”, “ER”, and “The West Wing”.

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