Microsoft might be developing a version of MS Office for the Apple iPad!

Apple iPad has turned out to be an amazingly successful product for Apple. It is doing so well that if we consider it as a form of personal computer, Apple is already the second largest PC maker in the world today! And they are easily going to overtake Hewlett Packard to become the largest player in the coming months.

This puts Microsoft in a tight spot. They are working hard on the next edition of Windows OS that would feature a Tablet optimized user interface named Metro. But it is still months away. And they are missing out on potential sales of software for the iPad platform.

Industry sources are now reporting that the company is indeed working on a version of Microsoft Office for the iPad platform. And they are likely to charge it at par with alternative Apple offerings at around USD 10 each.

So basically, you might soon be able to purchase a Tablet optimized version of Word/Excel/PowerPoint for USD 10 and start using it on your iPad! This is going to be pretty cool.

However, it remains to be seen if Microsoft is able to come out with a user interface that is intuitive and optimized for touchscreen displays.

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