Microsoft to ship Keyboard and Mouse for Apple Macintosh

Microsoft to ship Keyboard and Mouse for Apple Macintosh

Despite the fact that software giants Microsoft are stopping the development work on Mac versions of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, they have plans to launch Mac specific hardware appliances. The company has announced their plans to launch a Macintosh Keyboard and Mouse sometime later this year.

These two products would be Microsoft’s first-ever peripherals specifically designed for Mac users. Microsoft’s Marketing Communication Manager Sean Butterworth said in a statement about these upcoming products from their Microsoft Hardware unit: “We’ve been in the business for twenty years, making products for PC and Mac users. We’ve just never done one for just Mac users. While we’ve had great success selling our desktops to Mac users but we’ve gotten feedback that there are still things that are different on a PC keyboard.”

He added: “We’ve really re-jiggered the layout of the keyboard to mimic Mac users’ favorites, such as an eject key and hot keys specific to the Mac applications they use the most. We’ve even made the software more Mac friendly.” The keyboard for Mac from the company would include a silver finish on a wireless unit; comfort curve design; spill resistance; one-touch access to e-mail, chat, music, photos, and the Web. The mouse would feature a tilt wheel and magnifier tool.

However, the interesting part of this deal is that the company failed to get Apple’s permission to use the Apple logo on the Microsoft keyboard. Butterworth said on this issue: “We went to Apple and applied for the right to use an Apple logo and were denied. But I can assure you that the clover key has the same functionality as the Apple key.”

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